alttextBefore installation we will perform a thorough site survey to ensure a quick, smooth and hassle free installation.

Every new vending machine that leaves our workshop will have had a full Pre-Delivery Inspection and previously used ones that are sold or rented will often have been rebuilt by ourselves.

Do I need a water supply?

Some beverage machines have a water tank and may be hand filled, others may be filled using a water pump. However the majority of vending machines for ease of use are connected by a flexible hose to a 15mm insolating valve/stop-tap, positioned within ½ metre of the intended machine position.

How can I save energy?

Most new vending machines come with low energy LED lighting & movement sensors to turn the machine off when not used for a predetermined time. Here at NVCS we are actively looking at ways to reduce our energy use and subsequent carbon footprint. This has led to a product, which has been jointly developed with our partners within the Cover Group. This simple and very cost effective device gives us the opportunity to offer all our customers a way to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Vend-Sense effectively switches off the vending machine when no motion is detected within its vicinity, within a pre-set timescale. On average this will eliminate 64% of the electricity that would be used by a machine in any given week, but the actual cost savings would be subject to your electricity tariff.

Can you supply elsewhere in the UK?

As members of the Cover Group of Independent Vending Operators, we are able to offer a nation-wide service, should your requirements extend beyond the East Anglia Region.