73mm plastic cups pre-dosed with ingredients and packed into sleeves of 25 cups. Just add water for a tasty beverage. Suitable for use with in-cup vending machines such as the Refresh 700, Refresh 1400 and Style 5.

Clean & Hygienic

In-cup drinks offer a simple, clean and hygienic solution for offering hot beverages.

Simply stack a new sleeve of drinks into the machine and its ready to use. No opening of pillow packs and filling of ingredient canisters.

Available Products:

  • Gold Blend coffee white
  • Gold Blend coffee black
  • Colombian coffee white
  • Columbian coffee black
  • Cadbury Hot Chocolate
  • Cappuccino coffee
  • PG Tips tea white
  • PG Tips tea black
  • Knorr chicken soup
  • Knorr minestrone soup
  • Knorr tomato soup
  • Knorr vegetable soup

In-Cup Machines