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Company Ambassador Programme gets its 500th Member

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Richard Hill of NVCS Ltd became the 500th delegate to become a Company Ambassador. Richard who has been with NVCS for 14 years said “The Company Ambassador programme was a great eye opener and not only reminded us of the key skills needed to give excellent customer service but also equipped us with a really good method of handling those difficult clients we get every now and again”.

NVCS Ltd are an AVA member covering the East of England from its three offices and the Vending Intelligence Agency visited each location to deliver the programme at a time convenient to NVCS to minimise any disruption to route planning.

Chris Skipper, NVCS Technical & Operations Director, said “We are a great believer in training and developing our staff and the courses that the VIA provide help us to do that with vending specific training, and the Company Ambassador Programme really helps us to keep head and shoulders above our competition”. NVCS Ltd have also implemented the VIA Management for Vending People programme to all its first line managers and have been successfully running the Online Health, Hygiene and Safety course for all its staff for the last year. Phil Millard, Managing Director, Vending Intelligence Agency said “We are really excited that we have hit the 500th person to be trained on the Ambassador programme as this must have a big impact on the service that AVA members provide”.

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