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Benefits of Healthy Vending

  • Can encourage healthier eating habits
  • Extends existing food provision throughout the school day e.g. breakfast, break time, lunch and after school
  • Increases the variety of food and drinks available
  • Offers a “grab and go” opportunity to busy pupils and staff
  • Reduces queues at peak periods e.g. lunch time service
  • Helps keep pupils on site during the day
  • May generate income for the school
  • May improve the reputation of the caterer/contractor and encourage pupil loyalty
  • Quality Food Vending machines may be purchased, leased or rented on specially negotiated ESPO terms.
Healthy Vending

Healthy Vending for Schools and Colleges

Many schools have vending machines and although vending may have been criticised in the past, there is no reason why they cannot provide a range of food and drink that is in line with healthier eating. Vending should not be looked at in isolation, but as part of the planning for the whole school food service and the following should be considered:

  • The type of vending machine required e.g. chilled
  • How many will use the machine and when
  • Price range (of products)
  • What will happen when the school is closed during holiday time
  • Where foods can be sourced e.g. school caterer or vendor
  • Where the machine(s) will be located
  • Budget – either leased or purchased and maintenance contracts
  • How items will be paid for – cash, tokens or biometric
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