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Distance Selection

Some machines now have solutions for selecting your beverage without physically touching the display, using technology that can sense your finger before it makes contact, eliminating any cross contamination concerns.

Controlling your machine via an App on your phone is also another solution on some models. Allowing you further control when selecting your beverage.

Cashless Payment

Today it’s becoming increasingly common for consumers to carry less cash and expect a cashless payment solution using contactless payment means such as debit or credit cards, mobile phone apps or digital wallets.

Most of our machines can support a cashless payment system, contact us for more information.

Video Advertising

One new technology that potentially offers a lucrative new revenue stream is a video screen that effectively transforms your vending machine into a highly effective advertising platform. Remotely controllable using a cloud-based platform, up to the minute news alerts, advertising and other point-of-sale video communication can be displayed at the touch of a button.

This option is available built-in on selected machines or can be retro-fitted.

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