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What’s the difference between a lease and a direct rental?

When the machine is financed by a recommended provider, then the agreement is between you the customer and the finance company. The vending machine remains the property of the finance company for the duration of the agreement and would normally come with 12 months parts & labour warranty. Further warranties may be purchased separately or included with the agreement.

When the vending machine is rented, then the agreement would be between you the customer and NVCS. The machine would remain the property of NVCS for the duration of the contract and would include full parts and labour warranty excluding any damage caused by misuse or warranty.

Do you offer maintenance agreements for vending machines?

All new machines procured from NVCS by lease or cash purchase will automatically come with a fully comprehensive 12 months parts & labour warranty (subject to a water filter fitted to beverage machines). A full maintenance agreement may then be added after the first year or in the case of a lease, this may be included in the initial lease. A maintenance agreement may also be purchased on existing equipment, subject to a full assessment by our Service team.

How do royalty payments for vending machines work?

Royalty payments on soft drinks vending machines are paid according to the number of units sold, at a figure that is pre-negotiated. As a general rule, royalty payments increase the higher the volume of units sold.

Payments on beverage machines, however, can be offered on a number of different options, either per cup or a royalty paid on over and above a predetermined number of drinks vended etc. A royalty may be tailored to an individual’s requirements

What is a BevPlan?

Generally, the machine will be supplied free on loan subject to an agreed amount of ingredients ordered over a contract period.

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