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micro market

What is a Micro Market?

A Micro Market is a designated area that allows staff and visitors to browse and select food, beverages and other items in a convenience store fashion and then use a self check-out facility.

This latest innovation in technology is set to replace or complement existing vending services or staff canteens in certain office environments. The system utilises security technology for unmanned payment, allowing staff to enjoy great food and beverages on site 24/7 with absolutely no staffing costs.

micro market

Innovative Consumer Experience

The system allows you to utilise or redesign an existing breakout or meeting area and turn it into a multi-functional area offering hot and cold drinks, food, snacks and confectionery. By using a microwave oven hot meals can also be enjoyed as ambient or refrigerated items can be heated as required. Large fridges allow for a great selection of chilled goods, including fresh locally produced sandwiches, salads, wraps, yogurts, cold cans, bottled drinks and much more.

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Quick, Easy & Secure Checkout

Every store includes one or more self-service easy to use kiosks. Consumers are now comfortable using self-checkout systems and cashless payment systems are the norm, which means your staff will never need to worry about bringing spare change to work again. With the added benefit of keeping staff on-site for better productivity.

Just swipe, scan and go!

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