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Keep your staff and visitors refreshed and hydrated. Offer chilled or hot water, perfect for the office, school or sports centre.

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  • AA3300 Water Cooler
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    AA3300 Water Cooler

    • Ambient and cold or hot and cold
    • Manual taps
    • HygieneGuard Tap Protection
    • Floor standing or table top models
    • POU or bottle versions
    • Optional drip tray alarm
  • B4 Water Cooler
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    B4 Water Cooler

    • Chilled, ambient, hot and sparkling
    • Lots of optional accessories
    • Touch panel button controls
    • Premium POU dispenser
    • High capacity
    • Floorstanding or countertop
  • Jazz Chilled Water Cooler
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    Jazz Chilled Water Cooler

    • Stylish design
    • Low cost pure drinking water
    • Moulded, non-scratch panels
    • Easy to clean and sanitise
    • Plumbed POU or bottle models
    • Hot and cold version
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