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Vending Machine Cup Promotion!

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What comes to mind when I say vending machine?

Perhaps: Coffee, loose change, rotating sandwich machines and a queue?!

Well not only do we supply high-tech and innovative machines which are bold, interesting and efficient in design.

We also make them alluring on the inside!

Working with Branston Ltd in Lincoln we held a promotional event with our beverage vending machine.

One cup was labelled with a winning cup sticker, awaiting it’s chosen lucky customer to claim the prize!

The winner of the prize which was a fantastic dash cam was Reece Giles! Congratulations!
Thank you to Richard Heppleston to handing over the prize!

Would you like to run a promotional event in your vending machine?

Call 01603 720004 and speak to our operations manager Andrew Skipper to find out how we can get your employees involved.

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