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Vendmanager Switchover

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2020 has come, we’ve been looking to advance our use of technology and improve our services at NVCS.

Part of this process is now making the switch over to the Vendmanager system.

With this new system in place, we will be better placed to work better as an overall team from the operator’s new phones, to back end admin.

The new process will streamline and assist our targets to improve our business for customers in all areas.

We’re going to be going through the switchover very soon, switching over to new systems as a whole company is not an easy process and we’ve been working hard in the background to get ready for the transition.

Here’s some information regarding our new systems and how it will help us improve for customers and the end user:

  • Vendmanager is a package created by SB Software specifically created for the vending industry which means it’s got our needs as a vending provider in mind!
  • The business is upgrading to this package as it is tailor-made to our industry unlike our current platform and should assist with the challenges we face and help with developments we would need to introduce to move forward through the next decade.
  • The system will give us the tools to transform our operations, work smarter, be more efficient and get the maximum return from the investment the business has made.
  • By Operators being able to use the data key technology they will arrive at a machine plug in their data key to the machine and in return it will then tell them what stock is required for top-up and will take all the required readings for the machines for customer invoicing. Simple!
  • Currently, some of our team, work on three separate programmes. Whereas with the exception of accounts which will work alongside SAGE, the majority of team members will be able to undertake their daily duties just using the one programme. A home for all!
  • The consensus from other businesses that have switched to Vendmanager is that their help desk support is much more effective,
  • The terminology used much easier to understand especially for end-users that are not hugely IT or vending savvy!
  • By investing in the Vendmanager SB Software solution, it will give us a notable business advantage by providing access to business transformation technology, from stock and cash control to monthly invoicing and powerful reporting.

For a reliable and quality service in all areas of refreshment and vending, we are here for you.





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