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Top 10 Weirdest Vending Machines!!



No need to travel to Italy for pizza when Italians have introduced a pizza vending machine named “Let’s Pizza”
Found in an airport in Milan this vendor can whip you up a pizza in as little as three minutes!


Feeling peckish wanting to get in your 5-a-day?

Banana vending machines in Japan might be your answer! Fresh bananas available in these Dole vendors are very popular!
They are chilled to ensure their freshness and I am sure a welcome solution to wanting a healthy snack on the go.


Not just crabs, but live ones! This has a lot of controversy around it as we certainly wouldn’t want to be a live crab in a vendor. Would you?


Gold to Go is a vending machine dispensing items made of pure gold. The machines update their pricing every 10 minutes to reflect current market values via the internet.

The first ever gold plated vending machine was located in the lobby of the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi and has 320 items available made out of gold. Including gold bars, coins and more. There are around 20 machines installed across three continents and are designed to be placed in malls and airports to make ordinary people more comfortable investing in gold!

If you’re interested in a gold bar then they have 24-carat bars available in 1, 5 and 10 grams!

6.Sports Cars

You may have seen this before! The worlds largest luxury car “vending machine” located in Singapore as everything from Ferraris to Lanbourgins available to drive away!

Run by Autobahn Motors, they wanted a new innovative idea to display their luxury cars in a horizontal vending machine style, compared to the old hat of showrooms.

Beautifully lit and stocked with the finest luxury cars available it’s no wonder it’s a marvel to see. With “car stacking” being an event to see where they bring in a whole new lot of cars sometimes in colours to support local events like Singapore’s National Day where they stacked red and white only cars.


Sock Fancy launched in 2013 as a solution to finding a good pair of durable, awesome designed and comfy socks. They are a monthly subscription service for socks, they look great!

They created a sock vending machine in 2017 and had a great selection of their socks available to purchase just like your Walkers crisps!

We think it’s a great marketing idea and you never know when you’re going to need spare or fancy socks. We can see this being a good idea for trampoline parks and the like as they hand out special socks to customers to bounce safely. Are you a fan of the socks?


Australia, known for its beaches, creepy crawlies and Christmas barbeques has a completely different lifestyle to the UK.

With 3 vending machines available in Australia you can grab yourself a pair of “thongs” on the way to the beach.

Havaianas is a famous brand for their brightly coloured flip-flops and it’s no different with their machines!

3.Pecan Pies

If you’re in Texas looking for pecan pies then you’re in luck!
Cedar Creek, Texas. The home of Berdoll Pecan Farm, with the overwhelming demand for their sweet treats they invested in a vending machine. Serving pecan pies, glazed pecans, coated pecans and more in their vending machine.

Baked and restocked daily, available to buy 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

What’s not to love? Those midnight pie cravings are no more with dozens of delicious handmade sticky and yummy pecan pies at your fingertips!

2.Mash Potato

America, land of the free, home of the Maggis mashed potato vending machine?! Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but in 7-Eleven you can get yourself a small rub of mashed potato, and even a chicken gravy topping! Now this might sound like madness but it could be a taste sensation. Whilst we cannot try for ourselves to find out we can certainly appreciate the idea. Although chips and gravy is a Northern staple in the UK. I’m not too sure how mashed potato “to go” would go down. Maybe if there was a vegetable, yorkshire pudding and beef dispenser alongside it to make a Sunday Roast dispenser it might be a winner winner, chicken dinner!


Japan loves vending machines, they are a great way to serve people in busy public areas without manning a shop and paying for overheads and space!
From food to clothing Japan hosts a whole variety of wacky vending machines which give their customers everyday solutions.
Forgot your tie? Got a big meeting coming up? No problem! This tie vending machine much like the American sock vendor has a tonne of styles available to dispense and wear immediately. No more bad first impressions!

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