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Touch-Free Drink Selection

As hygiene is a priority for all companies, we have solutions for selecting your beverage without physically touching the display.
Get in touch now to see how we can support you further in the coming weeks and months.

Touchless Selection Via an Air Touch

NVCS Ltd brings you the new “AIR TOUCH” from Coffetek – assisting with bringing everyone back to work safely and helping out with employee well-being in the workplace.

Touchless Selection Via an App

Using the new “Coffee APPeal” App. Simply scan the QR code on your coffee machine directly from your smartphone, select your favourite drinks and away you go!

  • User-friendly process
  • Privacy is maintained: no account or personal data needed
  • Easy connection through QR code (scanning downloads the app automatically, no need to browse the app store before scanning)
  • Works on Android and iOs
  • App works even without mobile data
  • Safer and more hygienic selection, no need to touch the coffee machine
  • Same drink customisation as on the machine
  • Option to add another drink

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